When teachers are working on changing their language habits, one of the most frequently voiced comments is, “I wish I had a quick and easy to use guide–something I could have on hand as I’m talking with kids–something that will remind me of what I’m working on!”

Here it is!

In this quick reference guide, you have easy-to-access advice and language suggestions showcased in a beautiful design. An accompaniment to What We Say and How We Say It Matter, this guide will help you to…

  • boost academic engagement
  • support positive behavior
  • build powerful and positive communities of learners.

It also includes a handy planning guide which you can use over and over to support your specific language goals. 

Do You Want to Support Positive Teacher Talk in Your School?

Teacher Talk that Matters is a quick reference guide that serves as a companion to What We Say and How We Say It Matter: Teacher Talk that Improves Student Learning and Behavior.

To really dig deeply into teacher talk, a school might first engage in a book study, using this free study guide. Then, teachers could each get a quick reference guide to support their on-going implementation as they work toward their goals.

This is one of the most commonly requested professional learning topics–perfectly suited to a keynote, workshop, or year-long study through embedded professional development. Contact Mike to set up a time to talk.