Do you want to differentiate learning for your students but feel overwhelmed? Want your students to learn more and be more motivated about their learning? Wouldn’t it be nice if there were fewer disruptions in your classroom?

What if one strategy (when used well!) could help with engagement, discipline, and academic achievement?

In this book, you will learn a simple yet powerful process for implementing choice well. You’ll also explore important conditions to create so that your students will choose well–based on what they need as learned instead of what seems easiest or what their peers are choosing. You’ll also find many practical strategies and examples to guide your planning and work.

Written in a conversational style for K-12 educators (classroom teachers, special areas, special educators, etc.), you’ll find this book to be an easy to read and practical guide for implementing choice well in the classroom.

Learning to Choose, Choosing to Learn was chosen as an ASCD member book and was sent to more than 60,000 educators around the world.

Many schools have used this book do guide their work with differentiation and engaging academic work.

I have thoroughly enjoyed Mike Anderson’s Learning to Choose; Choosing to Learn. Some things I appreciate in this text:

-the idea of choice can be applied to many district initiatives -technology integration, project based learning, mastery learning, and more,
-the examples of providing choices (both good and bad) are plentiful and clear,
-and the author anticipates questions and concerns you may have as a reader and faces them head on.

As an instructional leader in my district, I find this a text that is helpful for me but also very helpful for teachers. I’ve recommended it already within my district and will continue to do so. It is a straightforward, relatable text that we can all walk away from with learning that will make a difference for students.

–Brady Venables (Amazon book review)


Mike Anderson has done it again! Just like his other books, he has written a book that every teacher must have- particularly if they are looking to boost student learning, achievement, and motivation. This book clearly shows educators how to create a classroom environment where students can develop the social, emotional and academic skills necessary to be a life-long learner. Mike, not only, gives you the rationale for why incorporating choice is essential to student learning, but walks you through step-by-step how to make it come alive in your classroom- no matter what grade or subject you teach. It is obviously written by a master teacher whose voice comes though in a way that is both highly credible and relatable, as he shares countless examples, ideas, planning guides and sample plans across the curriculum. This is a book you must read if you are interested in transforming your classroom to a place where all students love learning and as a result achieve more.

–Carol Davis (Amazon book review)


This summer, a group of educators and myself embarked on a Twitter chat called #Choose2Learn. We read chapters from Mike’s book each week then came together to discuss it. Mike even participated himself!!! My main takeaways from the book are the importance of creating a safe environment where students can thrive, the realization that lesson design that offers choice is both thoughtful and intentional, and believing in our students enough that they’ll make the “just right” choice, just like Goldilox, is truly possible. I highly recommend #Choose2Learn for educators interested in creating a student-centered learning environment that meets students where they are both socially and academically.

–Marilyn, 6th grade teacher (Amazon book review)

You can view the table of contents and read the first chapter of this book here.

The following posts each explore a small facet of language and will give you a taste of the tone of this book:

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Many schools are having all faculty and staff read this book together. Here’s a free study guide that can help you as you plan.

Here is a LiveBinder that has been created to support the effective use of student choice in schools. There are tons of free resources here–articles, videos, sample plans, and more!

This is a highly requested professional learning topic–perfectly suited to a keynote, workshop, or year-long study through embedded professional development. Contact Mike to set up a time to talk.